Kings of Dome (EU)

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Kings of Dome (EU)

Kings of Dome – 2v2 S&D Tournament Series

100€ Prize + Discord Channel
5€ Entry
2v2 S&D – Best of 3 – Dome ONLY
CDL Rules – Controller ONLY

The tournament will be held once a month. The winners of the tournament must then compete against the previous defending champions and defeat them in order to receive the full prize money.

Defending champions win:
They get 30% of the prize and stay Kings of Dome. The challengers get the other 70%.

The winners can prevail against the defending champions:
They become the new Kings of Dome and get 100% of the prize.

As a defending champion, you don’t have to register and participate in the upcoming tournament, just one match against the winners of the tournament without any paying the entry fee.

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